Add On Services

If you need bookkeeping or additional services
we offer options below.

CPA Meeting Time
$69.00 for 20 Minutes

With CPA meeting time, we will schedule one meeting up to 20 minutes long, with one of our CPAs where you can discuss anything on your mind. Maybe you got a tax notice in a prior year, or you need help with a tax strategy, anything goes in this meeting.  Meetings will be held over the phone via conference line, and with screen sharing software as needed (computer and internet connection required for screen share meeting). There is a strict 20-minute time limit per meeting. If more time is needed, an additional CPA Meeting Time package must be purchased. It's $49 for each additional 20 minutes

Full Year Financial Statements
$299.00 - $899.00

This service is for anyone who doesn’t have any bookkeeping done, if bookkeeping is very inaccurate, or if you want to hand off bookkeeping to someone else. With the “Full Year Financial Statements” add on , we will prepare and deliver financial statements (profit & loss
and balance sheet), for the whole year of activity.

To complete, we will need ONE of the following:

1. Login information to the business’ checking and credit card accounts on the financial institution’s website.
2.  PDFs of monthly bank and credit card statements for the whole year. PDFs cannot be a scanned copy, they must be a clean copy directly from the bank. Also, no monthly activity report, it must be a
statement that displays beginning and ending balance for the month.

The profit & loss report will be prepared for the whole tax year in aggregate (January 1st – December 31st). The balance sheet will be prepared as of the last day of the tax year (December 31st).
If there are any errors on the financials, we will correct free of charge.

Pricing for this service is based on annual revenue as follows:

$0 - $50K: $299
$50 - $150K: $449
$150 - $350K: $699
$350 - $650K: $899
$650K+: Contact Us for Quote

The “Full Year Financial Statement” service also includes  40 minutes of CPA Tax Team meeting time and the “Bookkeeping System Setup” service at no additional charge.

Year-End Bookkeeping Review

This package is for anyone who has bookkeeping already prepared, but wants an extra set of eyes on it to make sure it is up to par. With the “Year-End Bookkeeping Review” package, we will review both the profit & loss as well as the balance sheet for one tax year (January 1st – December 31st).

We will look for common errors on the balance sheet along with classifying fixed assets correctly. We also review for simple accounting errors, and making sure expense categories were used consistently. For this service, we will need access to bookkeeping file (QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, Xero, etc.), or PDF copies of the profit & loss and balance sheet can be sent.

If we find significant errors that will be a problem on the tax return, we will provide you a quote to fix them and use our network of financial accountants to make the changes within 24 hours. 

Bookkeeping System Setup

If you just started your business, bookkeeping hasn’t been started, and are looking for a place to begin, or if your current bookkeeping system isn’t working and you’re looking for a change, the “Bookkeeping System Setup” is for you. With this package we get you on the right foot to prepare excellent bookkeeping.

We start by creating a QuickBooks Online Essentials file for your business (monthly subscription to QuickBooks required). As part of this setup we will do the following:
1. Prepare a customized chart of accounts for easy financial reading

2. Link “bank feeds” for up to two business accounts so transactions automatically download to QuickBooks as they happen in real-time. This is an amazing, time saving feature

3. Have a 30-minute training meeting with a trained bookkeeper to show you all of the “ins-and-outs” of QuickBooks and the bookkeeping process. We will go over how to create invoice and receive payments, create bills, write and print checks, create financial statements, and common troubleshooting techniques.

Halon Promise and Halon Defender

Halon Promise

Halon Tax guarantees error free tax preparation as part of its “Halon Promise” program which will make any corrections needed on returns prepared by Halon. We will also pay interest and penalties on any errors resulting from Halon Tax return preparation. There is no extra fee for this, it is our promise to you and included with each and every return we file.

Halon Defender

If you are looking for more protection on your tax filings, you can purchase the Halon Defender service for $89.00. Think of this as an insurance policy on your tax returns. With Halon Defender, our CPA Tax Team will respond to all tax notices you may receive, represent you in an audit, and even pay up to $5,000 in reimbursements for tax liability increases that stem from errors in tax preparation by Halon Tax. Click here to read the terms of the Halon Defender service.