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Small Business Tax Software

S corp & Partnership Tax Returns

Small Business Tax Return Preparation

Form 1120, 1120S, or 1065

Includes CPA Review & Tax Planning Strategies

Software & CPA's, the Best of Both Worlds.

Compatible with:

Federal Tax Return
State Tax Return
Free eFile
CPA Team Review
Accuracy Guarantee
Quarterly Vouchers
Federal Tax Return
State Tax Return
Free eFile
CPA Team Review
Accuracy Guarantee

Special Package Pricing

Pick the package that best suits your business tax needs.



Price Increases to $199 on Feb 15!

Revenue must be < $500K

Up to 10 Fixed Assets

Form 1120, 1120S, or 1065

We do all the work, you just review

Efile is included

Basic CPA Tax Team Chat Support 

Details & FAQs



Price Increases to $379 on Feb 15!

Everything in Bronze Package:


Revenue up to $800K

Up to 20 Fixed Assets

Quarterly Vouchers (business)

Access to Halon University

Schedule K & M-2 Included

Schedule L Balance Sheet Included

Details & FAQs



Price Increases to $599 on Feb 15!

Everything in Silver Package:


Revenue up to $1.2M

Up to 35 Fixed Assets

Unlimited Revisions and Changes


Tax Strategies & Loophole Review

Halon Defender Insurance

Review Meeting with Personal CPA

Details & FAQs

Personal Tax Return Giveaway

Need your personal tax return done too?

Request a custom quote below and be automatically entered in our monthly tax giveaway (January - March).

Winners will receive a personal tax return at no charge!
(Must purchase corporate tax return to be eligible)

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Halon & Sally Can Do Taxes, Bookkeeping, & More....

We Do All The Work, You Just Sign the Returns

This is a service, not just software. Our professional CPA Tax Team works with the Halon Tax Engine to quickly and accurately prepare your tax return. This is like going to a CPA firm but much less expensive. A CPA will be reviewing your return, signing your return, and the IRS will see you engaged a professional service.

As you can see, this is not your typical tax software! The same CPA's that built the most competent, tax busting software on the planet are going to review your return for accuracy, deduction risk, and strategies.  This means you get all of the benefits you want, and none of the risky stuff that gets people in trouble.

Only 12 Questions... 5 Minutes and Done.

Preparing a tax return is quite a bit of work, but not with Halon. We have discovered how to get everything we need with 12 simple questions and a couple of file uploads.

From the moment you begin working with Halon, you will see the difference.  In most cases, users finish in less than 5 minutes.

Later the CPA Tax Team may have a few clarifying questions, but that is a good thing. You want a tax return that is accurate and our software combined with our professionals will deliver just that!

Use Your Bookkeeping Software or Other Files.

Our software is capable of preparing your tax return from several bookkeeping and financial statement sources.  If you use QuickBooks Online, you are in luck as you can provide Halon access to the software and most of the work is done automatically.

Xero software can be used as well.  Simply provide Halon access to your account and we do all the rest.

Finally, if you like uploading .pdf or .csv files of your financial statements better, you can do that as well, the choice is yours!

So How Does This Work?

All the benefits of an accounting firm with none of the hassles...

Step: 1

Choose Your Package

There are 3 basic options, do you just need a corporate return? Choose Bronze.
Need more? Then the Silver or Gold package is for you.

Step: 2

Connect Your Books

Once you login to our client portal you will answer a few questions and upload any financial documents you have. You will also connect your QBO or Xero files.

Step: 3

Tax Return Preparation

Halon & the CPA Tax Team will then prepare your  tax returns, and any other work you have requested. Most of the time this only takes 24-48 hours.

Step: 4

Review & File

Next you will receive copies of your returns to review and approve. Any questions you have or changes that should be made are easy and fast. Once approved we file and you are done!

Is Halon A Good Solution For My Business?

If your business meets these 3 tests Halon can do your return...

My business has less than $1.2M of revenue & assets

My business has less than 5 owners or shareholders

My business files just 1 state tax return 

Do you fit into any of these categories?

The Start-Up

Perhaps you lost money this year, or just barely got over the break-even hurdle. We get it, we were there ourselves. You probably wish you did not have to do a tax return (headache right?) but you must.

The IRS requires all corporations and LLC's to file something. And we are here to help. Lets get you the most affordable option and make sure you keep the IRS happy. See below.

Bronze Package

Only $299

The Procrastinator

We all do it. None of us want to do our taxes until we absolutely have to, then when we do get around to them, we want them done fast and get them out of our life.

We can work very fast if you like, all of our work averages around 48 hours and you can do everything from your home. Nice and simple, just how you like it ! The best package for you is below.

Silver Package

Only $799

The Saver

Looking to have your accounting work done for the lowest possible price, but still have a CPA sign the returns and do all of the work for you?

You are in the right place, and we have a package just for you. We will prepare all of your returns and do them for less than any tax store or local accounting firm. Go shop around, we know you will be back! The package you want is below.

Silver Package

Only $799

The Conglomerate

What can you say right? Business is good! And you want to make sure the TaxMan gets as little of your hard-earned dollars as possible.

You need our ultimate package that includes a tax planning and tax return insurance, plus all of your tax returns. It is a little more expensive but worth it. Besides, you will save more than that with our planning! You need our top of the line service.

Gold Package

Only $899

What People Are Saying...

"I just finished completing my taxes with the help of Halon. It was perfect for me. I own a number of small businesses and have gone back and forth through the years with using an accountant versus doing things on my own with various software. This year I thought I would try something different and Halon worked out better than I expected. I saved significant time and yet did not feel I ended up spending all that much more than buying software where I would have to do all the data entry. Very simple process and suffice to say I will be using Halon in the future."

Dr. Kevin Letz

Allergy Inc.
"I used Halon Tax this year for both my S Corp and personal returns.  The process was unbelievably easy and quick!  The returns were affordable and I loved being able to choose extra options customized for my needs.  The team kept me in the loop and were extremely responsive to questions.  Sending my source documents to them was a snap.  I highly recommend Halon Tax for your business and personal tax prep needs!"

Kristy Monahan

Dynamic Bookkeeping LLC
"I tried Halon Tax service for the first time this year. I am a small pet product manufacturer and do my best to keep up with my Quick Books accounting. I just needed to be sure my tax returns were done correctly and
efficiently. Not only did Halon Tax perform those tasks but the cost savings was substantial to our small company.
We did not utilize the specialized service but may consider that in the future. I was considering doing the taxes myself but the service Halon Tax provided was money and time well spent.

Wendy Schuchart

The Good Dog Company

See Your Tax Returns Before You Pay

After you complete the interview and upload or sync your financial information, Halon and our CPA Tax Team will prepare your tax returns for your review. You don't pay us a dime until you are completely satisfied that the return is ready and agrees with what you expected.

Before your tax return begins, you can also meet with the CPA Tax Team to discuss your returns and make sure everyone is on the same page. This is included in the Silver and Gold packages, or can be added on to the Bronze package. The CPA Tax Team will ask questions, give you an opportunity to explain situations, and ensure your tax return preparation is accurate and complete.

All Returns Completed In 3 Days

Halon will keep you updated with emails as your return moves through the process

See Halon In Action

Complete walk through of the software.

In this video you will see a complete tax return be created start to finish. Every question, how to connect your bookkeeping software or upload financial statements and spreadsheets.

In addition, you can see how the dashboard works, a look at the notifications you receive as your return is prepared and much more.

Everything You Need For Just $599

Below is everything that is included in our all-inclusive fee

Federal Business Return (Form 1120, 1120S, or 1065)


State Business Return (if needed)


Free eFile of all returns and attachments


eSignature of returns and secure vault storage


CPA Team review of all returns and attachments


Halon University learning center and training videos


Real-time notifications of tax return status and tips


Year-around storage of returns and printable copies


Federal Return

State Return

Free eFile All Returns

eSignature of Returns

CPA Team Review

Halon University

Real-time Notifications

Year-around Storage

The Small Business Audit Gateways


IRS Audit… There aren’t many phrases in the English language that bring the level of dread that this one does.   Either you have been through one before and know the headache and expense, or you file your tax return each year and hope the IRS doesn’t come knocking.  Business owners especially run higher risks of being selected for audits and it’s time to pull back the veil of secrecy on why.  Our new eBook explains how audits are selected and how to protect yourself. 

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HALON vs. TurboTax vs. H&R Block

Halon Has Several Advantages & Features You Can't Find Elsewhere

Time required to submit information:

5 - 10 Minutes

2 - 10 Hours

1 - 4 Hours





All data entry and financial prep done for you:

Includes CPA Team Review:

Upload info via QBO, Xero, PDF, and Excel:

Nothing to download to do business returns:

No tax return knowledge required:

Free tax planning software (Tax Planner Pro):

Free state tax return and efile of state return:

Designed by CPA's For Small Business Owners

Our experience in tax preparation and software development has combined to create a system specifically for the small business owner. Read more about our story by clicking the link below.

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Halon University

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CPA Meeting Time

$99 for 40 minutes

$49 for each 30 minutes after

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Full Year Financial Statements

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Free eFile

Each tax return comes with free efile for both your federal and state tax return.

130 Point Analysis

From deductions to tax credits, our process ensures you get every strategy you qualify for.

Includes State Return

Our service includes the business tax preparation of one (1) state return.  

Status Messages

Halon will keep you posted each time your return moves to a new step or review.